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Are you ready to step powerfully into your soul’s calling and help change the lives of others, while also changing your own life and business?

Whether you’re an aspiring healer and you know you’re meant for more and to share your gifts with the world…

Or you’re already sharing your gifts as a coach, yoga teacher, therapist, or wellness professional yet you feel a bit stuck or limited and want a deeper way to serve your clients…

And you want to make a difference in a way that doesn’t lead to burnout, but that is energy-giving for you too…

making a difference one breath at a time

is the answer!

It is the ultimate healing and self-empowerment tool to wake people up to the power, vitality, and answers already inside of them. 

Not to mention, Breathwork is THE fastest growing movement in the wellness space.

By becoming a Breathwork facilitator, you will stand out in your industry and take your offerings to the next level by getting faster and long-lasting results for your clients.

BUT not by just receiving any Breathwork certification.

This certification program is more than just taking another training.
This is definitely not just a quick weekend course.

This is a personal transformation program, leadership development seminar, business course, spiritual awakening, science masterclass, AND Breathwork teacher training, all wrapped into one.

You will go deeper than you’ve ever gone before and become the most powerful healer you know.

are you ready?


breathwork teacher training


with the healing couple

In this 10 week online Level 1 training, not only will you learn the science, energetics, and business of Breathwork, but you will become a certified RESET Breathwork facilitator who will powerfully lead with confidence and certainty.

30 states

92 students

30K lives impacted

11 countries



"This is one of the best decisions I've ever made for myself and for my business."

"I knew I needed to show up for my clients in a way that was very different from what I was doing. I was trained very similarly to a lot of other Naturopathic Doctors and that wasn’t serving me. The second I experienced RESET Breathwork, I knew I had to become a vessel of this work, and I had to learn from Jess and Dr. Cory. They’re the best! I came out of this course really stepping into my power, which I struggled with most of my life as many of us do. After the course, I was like “Let’s gooo!” There’s no more wasting time. This was life-changing."

- Dr. Ashley D., Naturopathic Doctor & Homeopath

what they're saying


"When I first signed up, I thought “Omg amazing! Another tool to add to my toolkit"

"I have never trusted my intuition as much as I do now. Not only trust it, but it’s gotten louder. Not only are you becoming a Breathwork Facilitator, you are coming home to your soul. The transformation I experienced within myself was like a snake shedding its skin, every time with just the weekly Breathwork sessions.

You may be saying, “What’s on the other side of this investment?” I can say with confidence that the value that’s in this program is far beyond the price. You get SO much value. Money started flowing to me, and I made 4x the investment back in 3 months of signing up. I’ve invested thousands and thousands of dollars in myself and my business, and this is not like any program that I’ve ever experienced. It’s so unique. I am not the same person I was when I signed up, and I freaking love who I am right now. And you get to have this too."

- Amanda M., Self-expression Coach, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Practitioner, & Host of the Unapologetically You Podcast

what they're saying


"I appreciate how BALANCED this program is, and I truly feel like it covers all aspects of breathwork"

"I learn by doing, so practicing facilitating really helped me integrate what we were learning, and it also stretched me in a good way because it had me face my nerves right away. I would not be as confident as I am today without all of that practice.

All the recordings and trainings go above and beyond in order for us to feel confident. My favorites were the science of the RESET method. For me to have done breathwork and understand it on the spiritual level, but then to have the science provided was a full circle for me.

This training charged me up in a way that’s ignited a new level of confidence to ask for what I want in life! I’m making bold moves in both my professional and personal life. Overall, I loved this training and the HEART out into it. While, yes I learned about breathwork, I also learned about me, which felt like the sprinkle on top."

- Katy H., Yoga Teacher, Life Coach, and Lululemon Resident

what they're saying

in this training you will:

Learn how to facilitate and hold space, no matter who you’re working with

Tap into your unique gifts and develop your own voice because no one can teach this work the way that YOU can

Learn to guide your students through the most life-altering, cathartic, and mind-blowing moments they’ve ever experienced

Dive deeper with your own breath and personal journey, so you can guide others to do the same

Step into your power, own your worth, and stand out within the healing/wellness/coaching industry

prepare to be initiated into your next evolution as a healer and leader


what's included

all the tools you need to succeed!

let's break it down

2 day online Welcome Weekend intensive to kick off this epic journey together on September 7 & 8 (10am-5pm PST)

Deep connections with like-hearted humans who are also on a big mission (#soulfam!)

4 live online trainings on the science of Breathwork, the art of facilitating 1:1's and groups, and more!

Pre-recorded trainings on history of Breathwork, hosting online sessions + tech, Pranayama & other Breathwork techniques, and more!

8 Breathwork sessions led by The Healing Couple to observe + dive deeper into your own practice

2 Office Hours + Connection Calls with guest mentors and fellow trainees for support throughout the training

Live online Q&A session to get all your Breathwork Qs answered!

Two live business trainings with Q&As to structure and market your healing business

Done for You Kit with email templates, intake form, and other essentials for your business to save you time!

2 day online Graduation Weekend intensive to complete this incredible journey on November 16 & 17 (10am-5pm PST)

Lifetime access to all recordings, materials, & alumni community via online portal

2 group practice sessions to strengthen your facilitation, find your voice, receive feedback, and expand your skills 



Access to our signature 8 week group Breathwork + coaching program, The RESET (every Thursday @ 5-6:30pm PST on September 19-November 7), which includes live sessions and Soul Work assignments to further your own personal transformation

Access to the Breath Bundle, our popular online library of guided breath audios for your personal practice

A private Voxer group chat with your assigned mentor + cohort for direct support and community during training

Access to an Alumni Facebook group upon completion for ongoing support and bi-annual Q&As

Special guest masterclasses from experts such as Allyson Byrd, Andrea Sager, Makenzie and Susy Schieffelin as seen below.






special guest masterclasses!

Founder of KAKAO Ceremonial Drinking Chocolate

Founder of The Sound Healer's Academy


Susy Markoe Schieffelin

KAKAO was founded six years ago with the mission to bring true ceremonial-grade cacao to the western world for healing, inspiration, health and connection. She has traveled through Guatemala and Peru to find the purest, native cacao beans in the world. She created their production process start to finish to preserve the integrity and essence of cacao for the highest benefit of those who work with KAKAO.

She feels hr work with cacao is a sacred calling and are humbled and honored to be a part of it. She goes above and beyond to make sure you receive the purest ceremonial grade cacao on the planet. She has structured KAKAO as a registered non profit in hopes to support the farmers & communities that help cultivate native strains of cacao, via beyond fair trade pricing and on the ground projects.

Her passion is connection. She loves traveling the world and meeting the amazing KAKAO tribe that is on the path of living and leading from the heart.

A Los Angeles based sound healer, Kundalini yoga teacher, Karuna Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki master, sobriety coach, and the founder of The Sound Healer’s Academy. After years of suffering from anxiety, alcoholism, and addiction, she experienced an incredible transformation that released her from darkness and led me to a radiant, abundant, and joyful life. 

She has worked with companies such as Google, YouTube, Pandora, ALO, and Nordstrom, and played crystal bowls with notable artists including LeAnn Rimes and the Los Angeles Philharmonic.

Her work has been featured in publications such as WSJ, VOGUE, USA TODAY, and Los Angeles Times.  

She sends all her love and looks forward to supporting you on your journey!

Owner of Andrea Sager Law

Andrea Sager

Andrea Sager is an author and the CEO and founder of Legalpreneur, a legal tech startup that focuses on offering affordable legal services to businesses of all sizes. While working at a corporate firm, Andrea noticed a gap in the legal industry – no one was catering to the small, innovative start-up brands dominating her social media feeds. As a serial entrepreneur, she knew firsthand the importance of building a business with a solid legal foundation. However, she also knew that many new businesses simply did not have the funds. That realization led to the development of Legalpreneur. Because legal services should be accessible to everyone. 

In addition to running her company, Andrea is a mom of two in Houston and is passionate about all things health, wellness, poker and business.

Money Mindset Strategist

Allyson Byrd

Allyson Byrd is also known as the Profit Accelerator™ and she is celebrated as one of the world's most trusted leadership advisors and sales experts for entrepreneurs and small business owners. 

She exists to create inspiring moments that shock, awe, surprise and delight herself and others. This comes as naturally to her as breathing. She has used this gift to help 10,000+ students in 47+ collectively create over $330 million in sales! Her journey is incredible. 

You’ll be able to hear more of Allyson’s journey to success from an underprivileged life on food stamps, a dad in prison and single mom raising two kids to the ultra-passionate successful leader she is today and the undeniable stand she has for women rising into their greatness in her latest collaboration with Amazon Prime TV. 

Allyson’s press features include CNN, USA Today, NPR, Time Money, Forbes, Yahoo Finance, Business Insider, CNBC, MSN, Black Enterprise, Essence and 

Transpersonal Psychologist, Holistic Nutritional Chef, and bestselling author

Dr. Meg Haworth helps survivors of parental narcissistic abuse go from wounded ACON (adult children of narcissists) to healed ICON – Independent, confident, original and naturally YOU in her one on one therapy practice, online courses, and YouTube channel.

She offers holistic solutions including her Whole Person Integration Technique to release the emotional energy and core negative beliefs held in the body from abuse and certifies practitioners in her technique while assisting them to reduce empathy overload through a unique intuitive development method.

As a former private chef to celebrities, she also offers nutrition and cooking to support the body to heal itself. With nearly three decades of experience, she has helped thousands of people heal holistically. She has been featured on NBC Nightly News, Fox11 LA, and the Los Angeles Times. As a survivor of narcissistic abuse, a dozen illnesses, and being struck by lightning, Dr. Meg knows what it takes to overcome life’s biggest challenges and loves to help others do the same.

Dr Meg Haworth

The results

what to expect...

Receive your certification and officially become a certified RESET Breathwork facilitator.

Impact tens, hundreds, thousands, and millions of lives with the power of the breath.

Be unafraid to take people to the depths of their souls because you have gone there within yourself.

Support your students in releasing years or even generations of pain and alchemizing it into freedom.

Look in the mirror and see a leader who shakes the ground they walk on.


Spread healing and create a ripple of transformation for others.

hear it from them...

this could be you!

hear what our certified facilitators say about Breathwork Teacher Training

Sarah H., Life coach

Dr. Jenny B., Naturopathic Doctor

Kylie C., Business coach


RUTH O., Master Life Coach


what you'll learn inside

and there's more!!!

History of breath, pranayama vs. breathwork, and other breath practices you can teach


Biochemistry, Physiology, Neuroscience, nasal vs. mouth breathing, health concerns and emergencies, and handling resistance


Art of guiding 1:1, creating space for trust and intimacy, questions to ask, and how to curate playlists to evoke emotional release and peak experiences


Art of guiding 1:1, creating space for trust and intimacy, questions to ask, and how to curate playlists to evoke emotional release and peak experiences


Art of facilitating couples sessions, holding space for small and large classes, and how to create a flow for epic group experiences

lead groups

Tap into your intuition and understand how energy, trauma, and emotions are stored in body as well as released


Tap into your intuition and understand how energy, trauma, and emotions are stored in body as well as released


Learn how to structure and market your business whether you want to start or expand your business and get your questions answered


Why reset breathwork

RESET Breathwork goes beyond Wim Hof, pranayama, and meditation. It combines conscious connected breathing, visualizations, affirmations, somatic release, and specific music sequencing to bring you to a peak emotional state. 

It’s designed to intentionally stretch the sympathetic nervous system in a safe space in order to support the body in finding homeostasis, deeper into a parasympathetic state, and create greater levels of healing. 

The level of transformation is just ONE session is so deep that many say it’s equivalent to 10 years of therapy. Some even compare it to a plant medicine ceremony without having to go to the Amazon.

It’s the quick way to RESET and change your whole life.

Through RESET Breathwork, you…

ecalibrate your nervous system



levate your vibration


omatically release stored emotions


xpand your consciousness


ransform into your most authentic self


"I felt confident facilitating a breathwork practice and so ready unlike with other teacher trainings"

"This was so much more than a Breathwork certification. I feel like I was able to tap into a deeper part of my own inner voice, my own intuition than I ever have before.

With yoga, I had always struggled with confidence in my voice. This breathwork training helped me own my confidence, step up my leadership with grace and ease, and speak from my heart. And not have this need for things to be perfectly planned and scripted! It’s translated into my business and made my business so much more flowy and easy but 10x more powerful. 

Overall, I can’t recommend this training enough. It has changed my life in so many ways, and it takes you to the whole next level that you didn’t even think was possible."

- Mary O., Founder of Yoga+ App

what they're saying


"I didn’t think breathwork could be experienced powerfully virtually until I found Jess & Cory"

"I experienced first-hand that virtual breathwork can be safe, powerful and transformative, and I decided to become a RESET Breathwork Facilitator to learn how to facilitate this experience for my community too. 

While I had already been co-facilitating in-person breathwork experiences with my partner, I wanted to have the tools, training, and understanding to be able to host experiences on my own. Thanks to the meticulous approach Jess & Cory bring, I now feel confident facilitating in-person and virtual breathwork experiences, whether they’re on my own or as a co-creation with my partner. If you’re looking for a training that bridges the science and the magic of breathwork, this is it!”

- Sam C., Mindset Coach & Founder of Ambition + Mischief

what they're saying


"RESET Breathwork takes impact to the next level with profound transformation through a disciplined protocol"

"I said YES to becoming certified in RESET Breathwork because breath is one of the key fundamentals in my executive breakthrough coaching and consulting practice. Everyone who works with me, breathes with me. Personally I have experienced the powerful and positive impact from breathwork through Sealfit (Navy Seal type training) over the past decade.

I chose Teacher Training with Jess and Cory because of their immense integrity, attention to detail and their ability to hold a powerful container to deal with whatever comes up. Their commanding stand for showing up for their teacher trainees holistically and for the work passionately - with deep integrated subject matter expertise - is unrivaled. They cross the t’s and dot the I’s and then some.

It’s a powerful tool in my toolbox to support my clients to go deep, go profound, sweep the broom, and experience an extraordinary sense of calm."

- Anca V., Transformation Strategy Consultant & Executive Coach

what they're saying

When you become a master RESET Breathwork facilitator, you take a more integrative approach to help your clients and students create long-lasting transformation in their life, not just another quick fix.

what other past graduates are saying


Shelly B., Behavior Change COach

Maria A., Certified Life Coach



This     for you if:

You’re a coach, healer, yoga teacher, health professional and want to bring your clients to a whole new depth with the results they’re creating

You don't want to expand your spiritual business or stand out in the coaching industry

You are accountable, responsible for your own results, and committed to showing up fully for an immersive training experience

You’re looking for a weekend training, just to quickly get certified

You've reached a plateau in your skillset, and you’re ready to expand your own unique healing gifts as well as your business and your craft

It's probably       for you if...

You just want to learn more information, but you’re not willing to dive into your own personal growth journey



It's probably       
for you if...

You're not committed to investing in and being the best healer that you can be

You're feeling a call deep down inside to make a shift in your career and start your own business to share your healing gifts with others

why this training is unique

With RESET Breathwork and our unique approach, we take Breathwork to the next level, and we’re known for holding space with safety, massive depth, and full power. You’ll receive a culmination of our combined 20 years with the breath, our backgrounds as a Naturopathic Physician and Yoga Teacher, and our experience teaching thousands of people all over the globe.

You’ll get not only one teacher, but two. Just imagine if Dr. Joe Dispenza and Gabby Bernstein had a baby, that pretty much sums this training up ;)

We also stand for integrity with healing work, in our business, and inside this teacher training.

A lot of weekend trainings leave students with knowledge, yet they don’t feel ready to share Breathwork with the world and are left feeling lost on what’s next. 

Many also neglect the science behind the body and breath and heavily rely on just using your intuition.

Which is why we brought together science, embodiment, and leadership work PLUS business trainings to create one of the most comprehensive Breathwork training programs to set you for massive success.

We guarantee you’ll emerge feeling confident to serve clients and host group experiences right away. It’s always such a joy to receive DM’s and emails from graduates celebrating full classes and signing on 1:1 clients right after graduation!

hear it from them...

Dr. Cory and Jess

founders of RESET Breathwork and also known as The Healing Couple

As a Naturopathic Physician, Yoga Teacher, and master Breathwork facilitators, we’ve traveled the world and practiced all kinds of modalities from meditation, reiki, Ayahuasca, talk therapy, yoga, personal development seminars, shamanic journeys, psychedelics, positive affirmations, cacao ceremonies, sound healing… Just about everything.

But nothing comes close to Breathwork when it comes to long-lasting transformation.

It has changed our own lives, and we’ve healed anxiety, panic attacks, burnout, depression, childhood trauma, and scarcity. It’s opened up deep inner peace and self-love, massive upleveling with self-worth, money, and business, wild creativity and intuition, sacred connection in our relationship, and true happiness from within. Now the question is, “How good can it get?” ;)

meet your guides

We are your go-to for down-to-earth and no B.S. healing.

the healing couple

So much so that in 2020, Cory stepped away as a Physician to do this work full-time. That’s how much we believe in the power of Breathwork to heal the world. 

Today, we’ve lead tens of thousands of people all over the globe to shift their lives through Breathwork. We have created a multiple 6-figure business and brand through guest facilitating for top corporate brands such as Vuori, teaching sold out classes and workshops, high level coaching, guiding international retreats, and online programs.

We’re deeply committed to impacting millions of lives through breath, empowering students to become their own healer, and mentoring clients to take their life, business, and mission to the next level.

we live and breathE (no pun intended) this work!

Additional training and experience: 

Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine | B.A. in Psychology | 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training | Stanford University’s Center for Compassion & Altruism | Compassion Cultivation Training | 10+ years of business experience in health, wellness, and spiritual industries | Guest facilitation with Art of Living Foundation at Stanford & University of Wisconsin | Additional trainings: Trauma & Emergency Medicine, Psychology, and Psychoneuroimmunology


Heather is a level 2 RESET Breathwork facilitator, Reiki practitioner, yoga and meditation teacher. She is also a mama of 2 beautiful souls who have taught her so much about herself, the world and what is truly the most important in this life. She always says meditation and motherhood changed her life. She provides a blend of healing modalities to create a holistic and fully integrated experience to get you out of your head and into your body- where the real magic lives!

Victoria Starr is a certified Master Breathwork Facilitator. Her mission and passion lies in the ability to guide others through the power of their breath to focus on their internal frequency, raise their vibration, and create a community through connection to elevate the pulse of the world. 

Heather Geimer


Michele is a Breathwork facilitator and High Performance Coach. She specializes in helping ambitious women heal anxiety, self doubt and overwhelm to unlock ultimate freedom and success from the inside out. She blends a unique approach of mindset work, nervous system regulation, health optimization and emotional release so you can realign with your purpose, deepen relationships and have more success in business without burnout. 

Michele Celeste

need more proof?!

Rachele S., RN & Life coach

Joely f., Embodiment Coach

Amanda C., Self-love coach

Alex L., Wellness Entrepreneur

Victoria S., Soul activation coach

RUTH P., Alcohol SOber Living Coach

Ready to become the most powerful healer you know?

We can’t wait to see you expand your healing gifts, create greater abundance, and make a massive impact as a Breathwork facilitator.

Together, we can heal the world; one breath, one student at a time.

let's change lives


frequently asked questions

This is a 10 week online training with live group trainings via Zoom and pre-recorded trainings. The program starts with a 2 day online intensive + welcome weekend on September 7-8 (10am-5pm PST) and ends with a 2 day online intensive + graduation weekend on November 16-17 (10am-5pm PST). You’ll also have coursework, practice facilitation sessions, personal practice + observation hours, short quizzes, support, and accountability in between sessions.

Most trainings will take place on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 11am-1pm or 2-4pm PST, and the group Breathwork sessions hosted by The Healing Couple will be on Thursdays at 5-6:30pm PST. You’ll receive the full training schedule before we begin. Don’t worry if you cannot make all the training calls! You receive access to the recordings to watch on your own time.

After the live calls take place, recordings will be uploaded to your online portal so you can watch them, and you will receive lifetime access to your course materials. However, we highly encourage that you move mountains to show up live to get the most out of this experience. You’ll also have opportunities to ask questions and receive direct support from Cory and Jessica that you don’t want to miss.

Yes! Once you receive your Level 1 RESET Breathwork certification, you are able and will have everything you need to facilitate Breathwork sessions for 1:1 clients, couples, and groups.

Yes! There is a Level 2 training which will take place in Phoenix, AZ on December 4-6, 2024 (see the question below for more info).

This is an in-person training which will take place in Phoenix, AZ on December 4-6, 2024. The program starts with an opening ceremony on Wednesday, December 4 (3-6pm). Then there are 2 full days on December 5 (10am-4pm) and December 6 (10am-6pm) with a special public Breathwork event on one of the evenings. Level 2 training also includes a business strategy session with Dr. Cory & Jessica as well as group calls before and after the training weekend for continued support. You will receive more details and have the opportunity to enroll into Level 2 once you complete Level 1. 

You will need to take Level 1 training first as this is a pre-requisite for the Level 2 training.

It is highly recommended that you have done Breathwork before initiating this training. We are going to hit the ground running, so you’ll want to have some basic experience under your belt before you begin. 

We totally hear you. It’s normal to have these feelings of not being fully ready when we are presented with an opportunity to really stretch ourselves. 

Whenever we’ve made a big investment or commitment and it has been equal parts scary and equal parts exciting, those have been the most transformational and best decisions we have ever made in our life or in our business. If you’re feeling some nerves, but you’re also really excited about what’s to come, that means that you’re on the precipice of your next level of expansion and we invite you to trust that and take the next step and apply.

However, if you do still have questions, we invite you to book a 15-minute clarity call. The first step is to apply. Then, select to book a call when asked in the application and our team will reach out to schedule.

Still have questions?

Dr. Cory & Jessica would love to connect with you and help you get clear on the details and your vision of becoming a Breathwork facilitator with a complimentary 15 minute Clarity Call! 

All you have to do is apply, select to book a call when asked in the application, and our team will reach out to schedule.